About Me

My journey is slightly different from the traditional Rags to Riches story that you often hear about on the internet. I’ve worked as a successful IT Professional for over 20 years working in the corporate sector.  I’m a keen sports fan, Football, Rugby and Athletics are my sports of choice. I no longer play any of them so now cheer from the sidelines. Like to Snowboard in the winter and Scuba Dive in the summer and travel in between.

Previous entrepreneurial ventures have focused around property investment. Whilst I have enjoyed a lifestyle that has seen me  realise many of the early life ambitions, I have never been in the position that I could choose to do that or something else that I enjoyed more. Time is a precious commodity. The chance to find something that allows me to choose what I do with my most precious commodity is very attractive.

I’m a very straight forward thinking individual and take the simple view that deciding what you want to do, why you want to do it and lastly how you’re going to do it is typically the path of least resistance to achieving the goals you set out for yourself. Not forgetting a healthy dose of persistence.

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Why Did I Start An Online Business?

Roll the clock forward to the present and the question you may be asking yourself is, why this and why now? Well, if my goal is to seize ownership of the most precious commodity of all; Time. There has to be a how? and with who?

I started to look for straight forward and scalable ways to start, develop and grow an online business. As I searched for the path of least resistance I found that it was easier than you might think to start floundering around – spending money on useless products and courses, hoping to find the golden nugget - the answer to online success. I found so many of these products (and dread to think how much money I wasted), only to discover that they were indeed useless, empty money making tools for others who didn’t have a clue either. I found that the so called `guru’ internet marketers kept the real `juice’ back. They taught out of date techniques which just left me bewildered and wondering why I had wasted my time – and if I was EVER going to learn the real way to be successful online.

Back to that primary goal, to seize control of what I do with the most precious commodity of all; Time. Anyone who has tried and failed to make a living from the internet knows how tough it is – long, lonely hours at the computer trying lots of different tactics,  often with little or no reward.

A personal mentor is an essential aspect of getting from where you are to where you want to be – and this I quickly understood. I was ruthless and I made sure I connected personally with those individuals who helped me form and visualize my dreams so that I knew not just that I was right for them, but that they were right for me. I made friends with them and this has been an important aspect of the experience for my students in my business.

I have now accumulated enough knowledge to be able to coach others through this process with a lot more ease, and with a skill set learned from whom, in my experience, are the best in the industry.

I really hope you are able to take as much value from a relationship with me as I have been from my mentors – and now friends


Here To Help You

Perhaps you have some ideas about what you want to do – but haven’t got the time or direction to learn how to do it? Perhaps you have tried other business ideas, but they failed because you didn’t really know how to make the work?

Well, what I can tell you is, for things to change, you have to change. Having discovered the right way to do business online, I realised very quickly that I had the opportunity to change everything about my lifestyle and to come more than one step closer to seizing control of that precious commodity; Time. Yet more importantly the freedom to choose what to do with it

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To Your Success

Michael Arko